Agenda 21 NOW!
Dana 14.04.2011. godine održana je međunarodna internet konferencija "Agenda 21 NOW", na temu "Human diversity". Učesnici su raspravljali o kulturološkim, političkim i religijskim različitostima na različitim nivoima ljudskog društva.
Učenice naše škole, Helvida Edbera i Lončar Dragana, u koordinaciji sa profesoricama engleskog jezika E. Salčinović i E. Noćajević, sudjelovale su u ovoj raspravi, iznoseći svoje mišljenje u eseju na zadatu temu.
Human diversity
People are creatures that have common roots,but who constantly emplasize their differences,and that by which they can differentiate.This separation,which lies at the root of human behavior,has its origin in the deep alienation of man from the reality in which it is immeresed,from other people and make sense of their lives.One of the most influention doctrines in history is that all people are divided into groups called nations/peoples.The doctrine is itself an ethical and nationalisn.Members of a nation-specific in that they have a common identity and almost always shared kinship and origin.National identity involves a certain identifiable specific groups,as well as personal sense of belonging.In determining the identity is used to apply a very broad criteria.Small differences in speech maybe sufficient to characterize someone as a member of another nation.On the other hand,two people can be divided differences of opinion,belief,location,t ime and even spoken language,and to each other and believe that others perceive as part of the same nation.Nation there are more generations and include deceased members.In an abstract way,understanding that the nation include the next generation.The nation has no expiry date and usually is severald centuries old.The name of the nation is often used as a synonym for the name of an ethnic group(ethnos sometimes) but although ethnicity is now one of the most important aspect of cultural and social identity for members of a particular nation,people of the same ethnic origin may live in different nation states,and for being considered members of separate nations.National identity is often denied even to the individual level.States that specifically identifi themselves as the home of a certain nation,called nation state and most modern states fall into this category,although there may be a heated debate about its legitimacy.The most common meaning of the word nation,communities and countries often may designate the inhabitants of the territory of a sovereign state(de jure-legal and de facto-in fact,the state).However,the closest definition of terms such as nation,ethnicity and nation means a group of human beings,compared with a word that means the territory of the country,while administrative instruction.However things turn complicated when it comes to national and international as well as words that indicate the state.The nations stage in the development of peoples,manifised in the creation of the state.The nation has – a common territory,soil,earth as a cradle of life and guarantee the existence,their language,national instituations(family,trad itional,customary instutions,typically ethnic,cultural institutions and a country with a system political institutions and bodies,customs and rights,which are nothing other than the humans rights of persons are respected and that have special human values,as an expression of national heritage.Never the less,society and nation can nat exceed the threshold of policital order,nation-states. Population geography and population geography of the geographical discipline of human geography,which studies the physical characteristics of the situation and population movemnts.The difference between demography and geography of the population is reflected in the fact that the first science of the population,and the other is the science of spatial distribution of population.The main taskes of science are the separated of population and geographical region,space with the same or similar arrangement,structure and movement of population,further,determ ining the contribution of individual factors,which have caused this diversty and to determine the essential characteristic of each of the selected region with respect to all other regions.Geography of the population in the narrow sense,special attention to the nuimber of population,natural increase and migration processes.Policy processes and the way decisions are made within a group of people.Although is usually refers to government policy,political behavior is perceived in any group or institution,which consists of human beings.

Political science study of policital behavior and examines the way in which power is created and applied within the group and that someone will be transferred to other members of a group.Politics assumed inital diversity standpoint,and the considered national and proper.Other community members need to recruit for this option,which is achieved by extremely important for policy,and it includes the struggle. Decion was made,although it tends to the common good,can interfere with the conflicing interests of some members of certain groups,raising the possibility that they do not follow.In this case,the use of physcal force can not guarantee that the decision listen to those who do not answer!Such use of force is political only if the majority of members considered reasonable and purposeful for the welfare of the group.The radical opposition is an agreement resolving the violent members of the the group consensus.Disadvan tages of this method are:durability of the procedure,especially in large communities and re-use of force against those who do not accept the consensus.Political science is the science and functioning of government and the government as a political phenomenon,the political structure of society and social organizations and the nature and functioning of different political system and instutions.Man is a social being,and most of his life,performed as a member of various kinds of small groups(family,peers,teams ,work groups,political groups).At the same time,some of the major social groups (classes,races,nations,st ates). Citing the nation and the people,geography and population policy and defining a way in which decisions are made writhing group of people,I opened the possibility af development of group psychology,which is basically all ethnic,geographic and political divisions.The nation has a common territory,soil,earth as a cradle of life and guarantee the existence,their language,national institutions (family,traditional,custo mary,institutions,typical ly ethnic,cultural institutions)and the state is running politics institutions)and bodies,customs and law,not nothing but human rights are respected and people that have special human valves,as an expression of national heritage.Despite everything,the nation is not a society not to exceed the threshold of political order nation-states. Nationality as belonging to a particular nation people describe the comman teritory which is defended even at the cost of then lives.It indudes language that the common people who live in a territory,or belong to the same ethnic group.Ethnic groups (from the Greek word,ethnos,people)is a culture ar subculture who mambers are clearly different from other people aceording to certain characteristics based on racial ethnic,linguistic or religions sources.For members of ethnic groups are considered to be culturally and biologically similar,although in pronciple it is not entirely necessary.Ethnic groups share a common origin in the continuity of time that is shared history and future of a nation. Recognition of the ethnic groups reconized distinction between people who are going to the territotial lines.So,a man groups beacuse I was not able to respond to the demands of life.The groups allows him to life defending it from threats to life.There fore,due respect for the group,which belongs to the people and defend it from all outside influences.So the other ethnic groups,political systems,ideologies.